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Welcome to the SCCS Application system. You must register in order to access the online application form only the first time. You can then log in with your email and password to access the details on your application form.

(Note on the format of your name for the application. If you are called, for example, John Smith, your first name is John and your last name is Smith. The correct order of your name is John Smith.)

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You must register the first time you use the online application system. You can then log in with your email and password to access your application as often as you wish. Please register only ONCE so that your information is not duplicated. It is important to 'save' and to log out at the end of each session. Each time you press 'save' our database will update your application. Please adhere to the number of words or characters allowed or your application will fail to reach our database and therefore you will not be on the system.You must complete each page before you can 'save'. When you have completed each page go to the very end of the application form and press the 'save' button to save your work; that way you can update it as often as you like before the deadline. You must remember to 'SUBMIT' when you are happy with your application. If you experience any problems, we advise you refresh the page by opening a new browser window.

IMPORTANT: Click 'Submit' ONLY when you have completely finished your application. After that you will no longer be able to access your application.

To enable you to practice/plan your application offline, you can download an MS Word version of the application form. You can then cut and paste from the word document into the online application form. DO NOT send the word document by email - we ONLY accept applications made by the online application process.

If you intend to also make an application for an internship, please take the time to read the internship guidelines before beginning your application.

INTERNSHIP PAGE: Once you have completed this and are happy with it, click 'Submit' on this page and an automated email will be sent to the host email address which you have supplied. You must 'Submit' before 13 October so that your potential host has time to review your request.

The deadline for applications is 19 OCTOBER 2018 at 10:00 hrs British Summer Time.

We are unable to accept any applications after this date for whatever reason.

Privacy Policy

SCCS is committed to protecting the personal information you give us which we will not pass on to any individuals or organizations. We endeavour to ensure that your data are stored securely and to prevent unauthorized access.

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