How to apply

Are you eligible?

Conservation researchers at an early stage in their career are welcome to apply to attend the Student Conference on Conservation Science. Most delegates are Masters or PhD students, or are working at a similar level in a conservation organisation.  Applications from undergraduate students  are not accepted. The majority of delegates are biologists, but we also strongly encourage applications from social and environmental scientists. While we always have a strong core of UK delegates, the conference is extremely international with over 60 countries represented each year.

How to apply

You need to complete an online application form, telling us why you want to attend, and giving details of your presentation, if you wish to give one (though this is not compulsory). You can apply to give a talk, a poster, both a talk and a poster or neither. There are no strict rules about the kind of talks or posters that the organising committee selects for the conference, but they should always be about research you did yourself, wholly or in part. You may include reviews of studies by other people, but this must be made clear in your application. For your presentation to stand the best chance of being chosen, give special attention on your application form to the four sections about the main questions addressed by your work, its methods, the most important findings and their relevance to conservation.

If you are from a developing or eastern European country, the application form is also where you can apply for a bursary to help with your travel costs, or for a place on our internship scheme. Please note that we are only able to help a small number of applicants and cannot help those already based and settled in any developed country including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Western Europe or North America, even if there on a scholarship. Please view this table before applying to see whether you qualify. We will consider applicants only from Lower Income (LIC), Lower Middle Income (LMC) and Upper Middle Income (UMC) countries for bursaries and internships. Internships and bursaries are most likely to be awarded to applicants offering a good quality talk or poster.

Accommodation with breakfast for a limited number of delegates is available at St. Catharine's College at £40 per person per night. You need to apply for this on the online application form if you wish to be considered for this accommodation.

Remember that room at the conference, talk and poster spaces, and bursary and internship places are all limited, so what you tell us on your application is very important. If you are applying for a bursary, you will have a better chance of being selected if you offer to present a talk or a poster of your work. If you have not completed a similar form before, do ask your supervisor for help.


You must register the first time you use the online application system. You can then log in with your email and password to access your application as often as you wish. Please register only ONCE so that your information is not duplicated. It is important to 'save' and to log out at the end of each session. Each time you press 'save' our database will update your application. Please adhere to the number of words or characters allowed or your application will fail to reach our database and therefore you will not be on the system. You must complete each page before you can 'save'. When you have completed each page go to the very end of the application form and press the 'save' button to save your work; that way you can update it as often as you like before the deadline. You must remember to 'SUBMIT' when you are happy with your application. Always keep a copy of your application. If you experience any problems, we advise you refresh the page by opening a new browser window.

IMPORTANT: Click 'Submit' ONLY when you have completely finished your application. After that you will no longer be able to access your application. If you have submitted correctly then you will receive an email confirming what you have applied for. If you receive an ERROR message you need to check the amount of text you have entered in all fields.

INTERNSHIP PAGE: Once you have completed this and are happy with it, click 'Submit' once and an automated email will be sent to the host email address which you have supplied. Only ONE host email address must be entered on the form otherwise your application might not go through to the database. If you receive an ERROR message you need to check the amount of text you have entered in all fields.You must 'Submit' before 14 October 2019 so that your potential host has time to review your request and submit their reply before the final deadline of Sunday 20 October 2019 at 10pm British Summer Time.

To enable you to practice/plan your application offline, you can download an MS Word version of the application form. You can then cut and paste from the word document into the online application form. DO NOT send the word document by email - we ONLY accept applications made by the online application process.

If you intend to also make an application for an internship, please take the time to read the internship guidelines before beginning your application.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 20 OCTOBER 2019 at 10 pm British Summer Time!

We are unable to accept any applications after this date for whatever reason.

Our response

All conference, talk, poster, bursary and internship places are selected by the organising committee. You should be informed whether your application has been accepted or not in late-November. Emails are sent to all applicants with result of their application. If you have not received an email from us with the result of your application by 23 November you should check your junk mail box first and then get in touch with us. Do not be too disappointed if you are unsuccessful this time: competition is intense, and usually it is only possible to accept about a quarter of the talks that are offered, and to fund about one in ten of the bursary and internship applicants. Sometimes talks are placed on a reserve list, which means that they are not accepted immediately but they may be included later if circumstances change. Often, you will be encouraged to present your findings as a poster if it turns out not to be possible to allocate you a time slot for a talk.

Please read the timelines page for further important information about our planning timetable.


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