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The 2017 Student Conference on Conservation Science was another very successful conference, with 183 student delegates from around 59 countries. There is no doubt that the popularity of the conference was a result of the stimulating atmosphere generated by a varied programme that included high quality presentations, workshops, networking and social events.

SCCS 2017 included 32 talks and 98 posters contributed by research students and four plenary lectures by distinguished senior scientists and conservation practitioners. Every student contributing a talk or poster was provided with written feedback on their presentation by a senior conservationist.  The conference was opened by Chris Abell (Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge, UK).  The plenary lectures were given by Dr Brendan Fisher (University of Vermont, USA), Dr Mwangi Githiru (Biodiversity & Social Monitoring, AfricaWildlife Works, Kenya), Dr Heather Koldewey (Zoological Society of London, UK) and Dr Juliet Vickery (RSPB, UK). All the plenary speakers gave inspiring talks on important conservation issues, encouraging debate and discussion throughout the three days of the conference and probably beyond! Equally impressive were the talks and posters presented by the student delegates, which gave an insight into the dedication and talent that is driving forward conservation science. A special feature of the conference is the role played by conservation practitioners. Overall, the conference was visited by 93 staff or representatives from 37 conservation agencies, institutes and NGOs. There was a poster session Who’s who in conservation? at which 28 conservation agencies, institutes and NGOs displayed posters and provided staff to describe their work and answer queries. We also received extremely positive responses to the workshops.

The full conference report is available to read here.

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A selection of photographs from SCCS 2017 with special thanks to Jamie Gundry for the SCCS group photo.



















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