The online application system for the 2020 conference will open in August 2019


ON SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER 2019 AT 10pm UK time (BST)

Internship applications should be submitted by 14 October to allow hosts time to respond to the application

before the final closing date

SCCS 2020

The 2020 conference will be held 24-26 March 2020 and the closing date for ALL applications will be Sunday 20 October 2019 at 10pm UK summer time.

We generally receive over 600 online applications and we have places for a maximum of 200 delegates. A successful online application does not guarantee a place at the conference. If you are offered a place and want to come to the conference you need to take notice of the deadlines listed below because we will offer your place to someone more interested in coming if you do not reply.You will need to check your emails from 12-22 November in case you receive an offer.

We will not send out reminder emails. It is up to you to note the dates and to keep checking your emails including your junk mail box. An APPLICANT is defined as someone who submitted their application. If you registered on the system but did not SUBMIT your completed application then do not expect to hear from us.

If you are planning to apply to attend the 2020 conference, here is the timetable of things you need to do.

Some of the dates given below are a guideline and can vary by a day or two.


  1. May-July: if you are applying for an internship, you should begin planning the application with your UK host organisation during this period. If you only begin to work on your internship application a short time before the deadline in October it is much less likely to be successful.
  2. 18 June to 18 July: tests will be run on the online application process. Do NOT REGISTER and DO NOT submit an application during this period as it will be deleted. You can practice on the word version.
  3. August: the online application system will open. You can start your application and 'save' the forms until you are ready to 'submit'.
  4. 14 October: if you are applying for an internship your application should be 'submitted' online when it will be uploaded onto our website. Your host will then receive an automated email to review your application. Your host organisation will need to approve it by 20 October. Make sure that you apply to attend the conference as well as you could be rejected by the selection process if you only apply for an internship.
  5. 20 October: the online application process is closed at 10pm UK summer time.
  6. 25 October-9 November: all applications are considered by the selection committee.
  7. 11-15 November: emails are sent to all applicants with result of their application. If you have not received an email from us with the result of your application by 22 November you should check your junk mail box first and then get in touch with us.
  8. 19 November: applicants offered an internship or a bursary must respond if they wish to accept the offer.
  9. 19 November: applicants offered a talk place must respond if they wish to present their talk.
  10. 1 December: if you requiring a visa to visit the UK you should apply to the UK visa authority in your country NOW.
  11. 23 December 2019 to 3 January 2020: the SCCS desk will be closed for the holidays.


  1. 20 January: all applicants must have returned their registration forms and sent their registration fee and payment for accommodation (if staying in St Catharine's College). Receipts are sent for all payments received. If you have not submitted your registration form and fee before this date you will lose your place at the conference. If you have a valid reason for delay then you must email to let us know.
  2. 22 January onwards: If you have NOT returned your registration form and paid the fee then you are not registered and cannot attend. The places of applicants who have not registered in time will be offered to other applicants and those on the waiting list.
  3. 24 January onwards: If you have NOT paid for your accommodation then you DO NOT have a room. Any accommodation not taken up will be offered to delegates who have already paid their registration fee and who are on the waiting list.
  4. 3 February: waiting lists for accommodation and to attend will be closed. No further payments should be sent unless cleared with the conference administrator.
  5. 17 February onwards: we will email arrival and conference information to you plus a map of Cambridge. Further information is available on the 'Getting Here' page of this website.
  6. 28 February: the SCCS programme will be on the website.
  7. 4 March: workshops programme will be emailed for information only. You sign up when you are at the conference.
  8. 5 March: changes to accommodation bookings at St Catharine’s will not be accepted after this date.

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